might sound like an unusual and distinct name, and it is. Translated from patli galli, it draws on from a stray desi phrase to lend to the band itself that quality of originality of which it is so distinctive. Skinny Alley is a band that is reputed for its diversity and skill, having released Escape The Roar’ in 2003 and ‘Songs From The Moony Boom’ in 2007. The only Indian band operating with a lead female vocalist-lyricist, the band has played in diverse crowds ranging from college campuses to football stadia. The musicians of Skinny Alley are experienced, eclectic and versatile, spanning many decades and genres, bringing a nuanced variety and wealth of experience into the band’s music. Unlike Bangla rock bands, Skinny Alley is also unique in taking the English language route and using a rich and diverse mixture of funk, jazz-rock, fusion, and reggae, progressive and alternative rock. Skinny Alley likes to think of themselves not just as a band, but as a Sound; with their lyrics being an outpouring from the experiences of everyday life in the city, as parents, and as performers, they are accessible as much to the teenager as the sixty year old.
21st February, Saturday