a name denoting the circle life, is a band that specializes in blues-based rock with a huge fan base all over the country. The band often fuses Indian classical music instruments like mridangam, tabla and flute with conventional instruments like guitar, drums and keyboards, while singing in Hindi. Disinterested in commercial success, their success is of a more radical nature. A wholly accessible band, they do not have any policies against their music being copied and distributed. Not many musicians would display such scant regard for copyright, but that's Delhi-based rock band Parikrama. Ranging from their first concert at New Delhi’s concert on AIDS awareness to concerts on college campuses to opening for Iron Maiden, the band has performed traveled extensively and left sensational waves in its wake with over a 1000 shows. Unbridled by the pressures of commercialism, music remains their first love as they continue to sing and play with zest and passion.
21st February, Saturday