SHAA’IR means poet, in Urdu. FUNC comes from the word function; together they make, Shaa'ir and Func, the three year old duo with two album releases, ‘New Day – The Love Album’ 2007. 'Light Tribe' – 2008. Their distinctive rhythms are India’s answer to world, electronica and dance music. Combining an electrifying stage presence with a profound, phenomenal sound, Shaa’ir from the New York City Broadway Stage background combines her vocals with great synergy with the rock guitarist Func of Indian rock band Pentagram. Rated as one of Vh1’s top ten emerging artists out of India, their music speaks of peace and love, the breaking down of religious and cultural divisions, a conviction laced with bass-heavy rhythms, haunting synth melodies, a music built across genres charged with vigour and hailed as the music of the ‘New India’.
21st February, Saturday