During the Taliban regime, music was anathema to the ruling elite and pop music a taboo. In the post-Taliban period, forming music bands was an equally uphill task. Defying all odds, there emerged the Aryan Band, the first musical ensemble to venture out of post-Taliban Afghanistan to audiences thirsty for just any kind of music after an era where they could be punished if they were caught listening to a tape in their cars! These ten youngsters got together in the face of severe constraints — lack of funds, of a place to practice, and time for rehearsals. Drawing inspiration from Sufi singers and their country’s folklore, the group specializes in Persian and Pashto numbers. Their music possesses an unmistakable folk air combined with an engagement with world music, using the clarinet, guitars drums, Latino percussions, bass, guitars and keyboards, and the congo. 
20th February, Friday