Ramashreya Jha  
Ram Charitmanas in raag sangeet - Allahabad  
Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Tappa - Ramrang mastered the fundamentals of all these forms. He is a shastrakara of the highest class and the fruits of his lifelong meditations into the nature of Raga constitute the five published volumes of Abhinava Geetanjali.




These classics represent a signal contribution to Indian music, dazzling us with the keenness of their author's mind.
Jha’s compositions install him alongside the handful of supremely gifted musical minds in any generation to whom is vouchsafed the mantra of music. With his acute sense of the dramatic and the poetic, he reminds us of the values embedded in the older genre of Dhrupad, by marrying verse and swara with such felicity as to make the two seem inseparable. His creative acumen lies not only in his superbly-conceived compositions

  but also in his manner of uccharana accompanying the build-up of the Raga.
Although a composer extraordinaire, Ramrang has spent most of his musical life in relative isolation, away from the glare of public adulation, and on the fringes of the community of active performing musicians. This is entirely in keeping with his character and inner conviction that music is a lifelong Sadhana of intellectual and emotional discipline, not a source of pelf.