Javed Bashir  
Mystic Poetry of Bulley Shah, Madho Lal Hussain and Khawaja Ghulam in Classical form - Pakistan  
Javed Bashir was born on 8th August,1975 and has been singing since childhood. Javed's father, Bashir Ahmed Khan, was a qawaal and this style of singing is the one Javed has been commonly associated with over the years.




Javed Bashir studied extensively under the great classical singer, Ustaad Mubarik Ali Khan, and displays his command of the classical tradition in his work with MHB. In fact, Javed has already ventured into the realms of pop,dance and bhangra by being featured on hit tracks like Dewanay Nachdey, Ghar Aa Jaa and Nahi Tera Ja Aur Disdah by Bally Sagoo.

  He is also featured on the UK releases Anything But Silent, Simply Rich, Romance and Dance with Bally Sagoo and All or Nothing. Javed Bashir has been singing with The Mekaal Hasan Band since 2002 and is an essential part of the band’s powerful and soulful sound. His exceptional talents have earned him the greatest of respect amongst his peers and contemporaries.