Padma Talwalkar  
Marathi Bhajans - Mumbai  
Displaying a judicious mix of the Kirana, Gwalior and Jaipur gayakis, Padma Talwalkar’s vibrant voice is lent wings by both imagination and virtuosity.




She believes in evolving a personalised musical idiom by assimilating the best of diverse styles. One of India's top vocalists, Padma was initiated into singing as a child by Pandit Gangadhar Pimpalkhare who was also her inspiration for taking up music professionally.She has studied with major singers including the celebrated Mogubai Kurdikar and Kishori Amonkar (Mogubai's daughter) of the Jaipur gharana (style) and also with

  outstanding singers from the Agra and Gwalior gharanas. As an individual artist she has been able to create a blend of several styles. Much in demand as a concert performer, Padma has successfully toured the USA and Europe.