Pushkar Lele  
Sagun Nirgun Bhajans - Pune  
A promising artiste of the young generation, Pushkar has emerged today as an international artiste whose style reflects an aesthetic blend of contemplation in music and technical excellence. His maturity and understanding far exceeds his age.




Pushkar's gayaki has evolved from an intense and deep study of the unique singing styles and musical ideology of Late Pt. Kumar Gandharva. His music not only leaves a soothing effect for the ears but is also a visual treat. He comes across as a storyteller and communicator par excellence while singing.
He presents Natyasangeet, Bhavgeet, Bhajan, Tappa, Thumri, Dadra Hori and other semi-classical and light forms with exceptional ease and expertise.

  A highly spiritual and cerebral person that Pushkar is, his maturity and understanding far exceeds his age! Having featured in various programmes on T.V. Pushkar has been showered with blessings and appreciation by musicologists, critics and stalwarts of classical music. His highly intellectual and emotional insights into his music makes him a class apart.