Gokul Utsav Maharaj  
Haveli Sangeet - Indore  
Gokulotsavji Maharaj, a descendant of Jagadguru Srimad Vallabhacharya, who founded the Pushtimarga form of worship to Lord Krishna, is renowned as an eminent Indian classical vocal musician. Trained in the Gwalior and Kirana schools of music, he grew up influenced by the likes of Ustad Amir Khan,




the great maestro who inspired him to develop serenity and vigour in his performance. Gokulutsavji soon evolved, modifying his style to suit his own compositions. Regarded as the leading practitioner of Drupad gayaki and Kirtan pad gan of Vallabh Sampradaya, Goswamji’s taan patterns and elaboration of raga are totally unique and unknown to any gharana. An unrivalled contemporary composer and musicologist, the combination of his intellect and meditation has produced unique musical compositions which continue to enthrall and captivate audiences.

Under the pen name of Madhur Piya, Maharaj has published some 2,500 compositions in Khyal Dhrupad and

  other allied genres, in Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu and Braj Bhasha and has also created several Ragas. His music touches a range of emotions as he dwells on each note in a leisurely fashion and weaves interesting patterns around them, rendering his recital unique. His music does not suffer from mechanical precision. Rather, it has a deep instinctive quality.
Maharaj has acquired the Late Ustad Amir Khan Sahib’s technical finesse and skilful exposition of intricate taan patterns. To this he has applied his own imaginative skills and expertise, which is what makes his recitals so extraordinary.