Odissi -Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, Bhubaneshwar

In Orissa, in north eastern India, in the temple of Lord Jagannath ‘Lord of the Universe’ religious rituals, music and dance were combined together to create the highly sculpturesque and devotional classical dance style, Odissi. Odissi dance by combining the basic postures tribhangi the three fold bending form (neck, torso and knees) representing Lord Krishna and chowka a square and centered stance depicting Lord Jagannath, with intricate torso movements, hand gestures, facial expressions and elaborate footwork continues to inspire and awaken beauty and grace in the hearts of artists and spectators alike. Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, for whom Odissi is not just a vocation but a mission to popularise his Guru, Guru Deba Prasad Das’s style, is known for his choreographic sense and ability to visualise the most powerful group arrangements. The presentation will invoke the first Cosmic dancer – Lord Shiva, Nataraj or the King of Dancers. After the siba magalacharan, a pure dance form sthayee evolved from the sculptures of the temples, will be performed. The beguilement will continue eclipsing all other fare with the sheer awe inspiring geometry of group arrangements in the invocation to the Sun God, the source of all energy and auspiciousness.

13th October, Monday

Ananya - Purana Qila, New Delhi -  October 11  -  October 15, 2008

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