Bharatanatyam -Kalakshetra, Chennai

The performance this evening begins with Yati - a keertanam in Raga Talamaalika which sings of Lord Shiva’s Ananda Tandava. The term Yati is used to describe the shape of a rhythmic pattern in a musical composition. The choreography uses five of the six yatis - Sama, Mridanga, Damaru, Gopuchcha and Srotovaha – to portray Shiva’s dance in ecstasy. Next is Kalinga Nartanam in Raga Arabhi, Aadi Talam. This is an extract from the production Daasaru Kanda Krishna that speaks of the many leelas of Krishna, one of which is His subjugation of the poisonous cobra-king Kalinga or Kaliya and the celebrations that follow. This is followed by the Mask Dance, which is extracted from the production Masquerade, Man in the Iron Mask - a dance-theatre narrative. This dance-theatre work is an adaptation of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. The mask dance marks an important twist in the tale when the three musketeers try to kidnap King Louis IV and replace him with his twin brother Philippe. The grand finale is a medley of three Tillanas composed by Shri Lalgudi.G.Jayaraman in Ragas Revati, Kalyana Vasantam and Madhuvanti.

Sheejith Krishna has choreographed Yati and Mask Dance while Leela Samson has choreographed the Kalinga Nartanam and the Tillanas.

11th October, Saturday

Ananya - Purana Qila, New Delhi -  October 11  -  October 15, 2008

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