Kathak –Malti Shyam and Group, Delhi

The classical dance form of Kathak traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathaks or story tellers. These bards, performing in village squares and temple courtyards, mostly specialized in recounting mythological and moral tales from the scriptures and embellished their recitals with hand gestures and facial expressions. It was quintessential theatre, using instrumental and vocal music alongwith stylized gestures to enliven the stories. It was the urge to acquire mastery over rhythm and stylized mime that led Malti Shyam to devote herself to the technique of Kathak under the rigorous tutelage of Shrimati Reba Vidyarthi. She honed her understanding of tradition under the guidance of the great master Pandit Birju Maharaj, whom she credits with her growth and formation as a dancer. She belongs to the Lucknow Gharana which defines a style with lyrical grace and technical precision. The first in the presentation is the contemplative depth of Dhrupad , followed by the imaginative Khayal. Thereafter the mellifluous and sensuous Thumri sung in a playful tempo strung together with the tunes of Dadra, Tarana and Sargam which coalesce with Kathak and are capable of evoking Rasas.

15th October, Wednesday

Ananya - Purana Qila, New Delhi -  October 11  -  October 15, 2008

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