Delhi Jazz Festival 2012 - Nehru Park - March 16-18 2012, 6.30 pm
 Moonarra (India)
Moonarra (India)
Moonarra meaning three streams is like their individual journeys and exploration in world fusion music. Through their many encounters over the years, sharing and exchanging rich and diverse influences from early pop, jazz, folk, rock and Indian classical styles. Prakash Sontakke has a rich Hindustani music background, Karthik Mani comes from a strong Carnatic music tradition, Jagadeesh M.R and Madhuri pop, rock, jazz and Indian classical influences and Wilson Kenneth from playing bass with funk and rock classical bands. The idea of Moonarra started taking shape when they discovered that their musical expressions could blend or ‘fuse’ creating an entirely new sound. They believed that as they journey along, their collaboration with great artists and musicians across the globe will only make the richer, stronger and the songs more meaning ful.

Jagadeesh M.R: Guitars, Oud, composer and founder
Madhuri: Singer, song writer and co-founder
Prakash Sontakke : Slide Guitar, Hindustani vocals and award winning song writer
Karthik Mani: Percussionist/ Drummer, Ghatam , mridangam, drums, manjira and konnakol
Wilson Kenneth: Electric bass