Delhi Jazz Festival 2012 - Nehru Park - March 16-18 2012, 6.30 pm
Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet (Poland)
Wojtek Mazolewski – composer, musician, double bass player and bass guitarist. Founder of Pink Freud and the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet. The Gdansk native has been making music for as long as he can remember and has proven a compulsive creator of new sounds and new bands to bring forth those sounds.

On April 11th 2011 discerning music fans across Poland wishes came true. Wojtek teamed up with the largest independent record label in Poland, Mystic Production to issue a CD version of ‘Smells Like Tape Spirit’, as well as a vinyl version! In the short time between the Internet release via and the CD/Vinyl release, Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet went out on the road. The band played to sell out audiences across Poland. Upon the bands return home they were pleased to discover they had become the first jazz act ever to appear on PR3 (National Radio) Listeners Chart. ‘Newcomer’ remained on the chart for several weeks.

WMQ is the quintessence of what Mazolewski has pursued all his life, created in collaboration with Oskar Torok on the trumpet, Marek Pospieszalski on saxophone, Joanna Duda on the piano, Jerzy Rogiewicz on percussion and Wojtek Mazolewski on the double bass.

HFT (India)
Arjun Sen: Guitar
Lew Hilt: Bass
Suchet Malhotra: Drumcussion

HFT play a style of music that could easily be called world jazz, jazz that is urbane and savvy, a well-travelled, warm music that is equally at ease being in the sun as resting in the shade. AJ—mellifluous melody line maker on the guitar and sometime scatman in a hat, Lew—funky bass line plucker and creator of psychedelia in song, and Suchet—seated beatkeeper on drums from as far afield as Peru and Ghana, make up this trio.

Influences for the band range from Miles Davis to Baaba Maal. Listening to them live, you’d hear jazz through the guitar melodies, basslines & cymbal work, fusion through the raga-esque phrasing & scat, world music in the Afro-latin drum grooves and syncopation… Drawing inspiration from everywhere, HFT’s music speaks of the here and now. Music as it is, sounding the best it can. That’s why no two performances are ever the same.

Louiz Banks Matrixx (India)
Louiz Banks Matrixx (India)
The music of the Louiz Banks Matrixx Band is Neo Progressive Jazz Fusion... the music LBMB is original .. the compositions are mostly Louiz Banks originals cleverly arranged by the Matrixx Band members....the music is hard core jazz ,highly energetic , full of subtle dynamics , with exciting interaction and great imaginative improvisations . The band personnel is the pick of the best in India.

Louiz Banks- Jazz Piano and Keyboard
Gino Banks- Drums
Sheldon D’silva- Bass
Tala Faral- Saxophone

Dini Virsaladze Quartet (Georgia)
Dini Virsaladze Quartet (Georgia)
Dinara (Dini) Virsaladze, a famous Georgian pianist, born in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia), studied piano at Tbilisi Music School for Gifted Children and graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatoire. She is performing at the DELHI JAZZ FESTIVAL with her quartet with David Masteranov - a guitarist known for his work with Tamaz Kurashvili jazz band (1981-1985) and has performed at Moscow,Baku,Yerevan,Doneck jazz Festival;

Levan Deisadze-a musician and a composer has been performing at festivals as a bass player with Dini Virsaladze-Black Sea Jazz Festival;Tallin Jazz Festival,Caucasus Jazz Festival ; and

Nika Abashmadze - a drummer beside Dini Virsaladze, Zaza Marjanishvili, Zazav Miminoshvili, Paata Andriadze, Lela Tsurtsumia, Dr. Ika, TonyO'Malley.

 Moonarra (India)
Moonarra (India)
Moonarra meaning three streams is like their individual journeys and exploration in world fusion music. Through their many encounters over the years, sharing and exchanging rich and diverse influences from early pop, jazz, folk, rock and Indian classical styles. Prakash Sontakke has a rich Hindustani music background, Karthik Mani comes from a strong Carnatic music tradition, Jagadeesh M.R and Madhuri pop, rock, jazz and Indian classical influences and Wilson Kenneth from playing bass with funk and rock classical bands. The idea of Moonarra started taking shape when they discovered that their musical expressions could blend or ‘fuse’ creating an entirely new sound. They believed that as they journey along, their collaboration with great artists and musicians across the globe will only make the richer, stronger and the songs more meaning ful.

Jagadeesh M.R: Guitars, Oud, composer and founder
Madhuri: Singer, song writer and co-founder
Prakash Sontakke : Slide Guitar, Hindustani vocals and award winning song writer
Karthik Mani: Percussionist/ Drummer, Ghatam , mridangam, drums, manjira and konnakol
Wilson Kenneth: Electric bass

EOL TRIO (France)
EOL TRIO (France)
This extraordinary trio is made of Denis Girard (pianist and keyboard),Laurent David (playing the bass guitar) and Xavier Girard on drums. We may define their music as “progressive jazz rock”. We can name influences such as the E.S.T , Medeski & Wood, Emerson Lake & Palmer… But we can also take the time to enjoy the tunes, the amazing beat, the intimate atmosphere, the smart improvisation and the sounds (of the bass guitar and the keyboard). This band isn’t quite from the planet Earth. Far from usual clichés and trends, a new world to discover, if you haven’t already had!

Having already toured France, Germany, Belgium, Canada and USA- Now the trio is in India with their new album- End Of Line- just out.

The Bica-Daerr-Stick Trio (Germany)
The Bica-Daerr-Stick Trio (Germany)
Carlos Bica and Carsten Daerr are two international musicians who have long been acknowledged as the driving force of the Berlin jazz scene. They came together almost ten years ago when they joined the group Tuomi, led by the singer Kristiina Tuomi. The two musicians have worked together ever since, on their own projects and with several different ensembles. The chemistry between them is evident when they are on stage.

Hanno Stick, the third member of the trio, has won several awards at national music and jazz competitions in Germany (Jugend musiziert and Jugend jazzt). He has performed with bands playing different styles of music and has toured Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Israel and the USA. In summer 2010, the Goethe-Institut invited him to tour the Middle East with the band MSV Brecht, which has released its second album “Hippie Tunes” (Unit Records) in February 2012.

Magos Herrara (Mexico)
Magos Herrara (Mexico)
Born in Mexico City, the deep and captivating performer, Magos Herrera is considered one of the most beautiful voices and the most active vocalist of the contemporary Latin American jazz scene.

The grammy nominee for best vocal jazz, Immensely popular throughout Mexico and Latin America, a dazzling accomplished singer-songwriter known for her beguiling rhythmic scatting, inflected with soulful Latin-Andalusian phrasings, Magos Herrera owns a unique signature that elegantly blends her classic jazz styling with Latin-American melodies. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, her repertoire is filled with the yearning romance, intimacy and enchantment of Mexican and Cuban sones and boleros, and sultry, languid Brazilian beats.
At Delhi Jazz Festival they perform as a quintet, with musicians from India

Elkano Browning Cream (Spain)
Elkano Browning Cream (Spain)
Matt Harding (New York): guitar, vocals
Franck Mantegari (Paris): drumas, percussion
Mikel Azpiroz (Donostia-): Hammond B3, rhodes, wurlitzer, synths

Elkano Browning Cream is synonymous with hypnotic and contagious rhythms and a sound that evokes memories of the great Hammond Organ Trios from the glory years of Blue Note Records, personalized and realized through the filter of the nomadic and multicultural members of the trio. The project is headed up by Basque Mikel Azpiroz (Fermin Muguruza, Australian super band The Waifs…), an expert of all types of keyboard instruments, concentrates his energies in the basic Hammond Organ Trio format, focusing the musical essence in the direction of pure groove: Danceable Rhythms. To that end he enlists the exotic and virtuosic drumming of Parisian Franck Mantegari (Alpha Blondy, Saint Germain, Massive Attack...) and the melodic cadence of North American guitarist/singer Matt Harding who has garnered the praises of Blues masters such as John Lee Hooker and Taj Mahal.