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  Ever since i attended last years jazz fest,i've come 2 fall in luv wid jazz music....thanks seher n ICCR for this wonderful arrangements....can't wait till next jazz fest...!..:)
  Loved the whole feel of Jazz! ... unforgettable!!
  Absolutely brilliant music. Not to mention perfect location and atmosphere for jazz! Thanks!
  Great stuff! de ambience, de bands, de overall arangement! kudos to you folks!!!
  Really excited to attend it.
  Really good show. Nice work by ICCR and Seher !
  I m excited to attend..
  Keep up the good work......lets have more artists coming to delhi.
  Very excited
  i am a great fan of jazz wanna attend live show
  Was there yesterday - the first day of 2012 festival. It was good and the arrangements were fantastic. Music was haunting and excellent...
  i am a great fan of jazz wanna attend live show
  Thanks for bringing in ones again some Soul full and foot tapping music in Delhi.Gonna be there Sat day and Sunday. Hope would get some space to keep my two feet on the ground
  Jaane Us Shaks Ko Kaisa Hunar Aata Hai... Shaam Hote Hi..Ankhon Mein Utar Jaata Hai.. Awaiting Eagerly For "Jazz"12
  Expellent rock n jazz concert to b enjoyed. pls continue
  I have great passion for Jazz music,I never thought that I would be able to watch it live but long cherished dream was fullfilled through delhi jazz festival,thanks to sehar,thanks to I.C.C.R.
May be next time we have more jazz specially latin jazz for which I am really mad,thanks again
  JAZZ it up this time and for years to come please! Awesome and way to go Delhi Jazz Festival!
  Its going to be a killing experience
  Looking forward to a wonderful musical evening.
  This will be a great evening, some good music and really nice weather.. looking forward to the evening.
  Looking forward to a great Jazz festival
  Shubhaan alhaa
  Awesome....mad about EOL TRIO...
  being a jazz guitarist, was eagerly waiting to get painfully pleasured yet again after Jazz festival 2011
  I agree being with Spring Break now is AMAZING. -^^-
  Thanks for bringing these artists to India.
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Hi Sanjeev! What a wonderful evening . Delhi comes alive each year with your festivals . Cant seem to find space for two feet here. Must be over 10,000 people here packed in this lovely patch of Delhi.

Best part is see the women of Delhi ....seem so secure here unlike other parts of Delhi. That is magic

  Sanjeev great show! Heard you on stage . We are at the back and having great fun...join us for some red wine please you look tense !
  So the Finale is reallllyyy awesome.....hope you are also enjoying the great music beyond the stress of organizing ......
  Couldnt make it today. Looking good on live stream .....Awesome band right now !
  Thank you Seher, for being a great host! You hv given us a platform to witness de finest here. 8 months ago, I mentioned the same to BBC bout ur fest in 2011, and swore to 'em no one could come close to you, in bettering an event like this, kudos to u!!! Cheers!
  Thanks to you guys, Delhi has much richer cultural rating now. That whiff of fresh air always infuse life back into a body that is bruised & hurt by onslaught of cliched music.
  The vibe was just right as we got on stage last evening to open for the Delhi Jazz Festival. Tight fun set !!! Thanks a ton
  Congrats Sanjeev and the Seher team. What an absolutely awesome event.
  Just to formally congratulate you on an even better second version of the Jazz fest, and thank you giving us a premium view of it!

Also to mention again that the Moonarra band was just exceptional and I will take you up on your offer of sharing their music CD with me.

Cheers and best wishes for more such wonderful events!

  It was great. Superb.
  thank you for giving me n us a fabulous show..............