Delhi Jazz Festival 2012 - Nehru Park - March 16-18 2012, 6.30 pm
HFT (India)
Arjun Sen: Guitar
Lew Hilt: Bass
Suchet Malhotra: Drumcussion

HFT play a style of music that could easily be called world jazz, jazz that is urbane and savvy, a well-travelled, warm music that is equally at ease being in the sun as resting in the shade. AJ—mellifluous melody line maker on the guitar and sometime scatman in a hat, Lew—funky bass line plucker and creator of psychedelia in song, and Suchet—seated beatkeeper on drums from as far afield as Peru and Ghana, make up this trio.

Influences for the band range from Miles Davis to Baaba Maal. Listening to them live, you’d hear jazz through the guitar melodies, basslines & cymbal work, fusion through the raga-esque phrasing & scat, world music in the Afro-latin drum grooves and syncopation… Drawing inspiration from everywhere, HFT’s music speaks of the here and now. Music as it is, sounding the best it can. That’s why no two performances are ever the same.