Delhi Jazz Festival 2012 - Nehru Park - March 16-18 2012, 6.30 pm
Elkano Browning Cream (Spain)
Elkano Browning Cream (Spain)
Matt Harding (New York): guitar, vocals
Franck Mantegari (Paris): drumas, percussion
Mikel Azpiroz (Donostia-): Hammond B3, rhodes, wurlitzer, synths

Elkano Browning Cream is synonymous with hypnotic and contagious rhythms and a sound that evokes memories of the great Hammond Organ Trios from the glory years of Blue Note Records, personalized and realized through the filter of the nomadic and multicultural members of the trio. The project is headed up by Basque Mikel Azpiroz (Fermin Muguruza, Australian super band The Waifs…), an expert of all types of keyboard instruments, concentrates his energies in the basic Hammond Organ Trio format, focusing the musical essence in the direction of pure groove: Danceable Rhythms. To that end he enlists the exotic and virtuosic drumming of Parisian Franck Mantegari (Alpha Blondy, Saint Germain, Massive Attack...) and the melodic cadence of North American guitarist/singer Matt Harding who has garnered the praises of Blues masters such as John Lee Hooker and Taj Mahal.