Traphic Jam (Maldives) - December 13, 2010 - Monday

Traphic Jam was formed in 2005 in male in Maldives. They are a successful rock band of Maldives. They have had many path breaking performances like the ‘Live Help’ on 2006 and ‘Sound of a Nation’ on 2007 with Zero Degree Atoll. Although they have given great hits they have maintained a relatively low profile in the mainstream arena. They have a well earned reputation as a no cover band that supports only local originals. Their genre is post alternative rock. Their influences are based in the rock bands like Nirvana; Pearl Jam. Therein was the meeting of rock with grunge music. It was this heady mix of Grungy metal riffs with aggressive vocal melodies the band got its unique signature sound.
This sound matured straight into face riffs and lyrics. As having an ideology regarding the drugs and corrupted politics as crimes, the band tries to open the minds of youth through their music
The band is known for its open minded lyrics about Peer pressure, Political Agendas and Drugs. They were banned from all live shows aired from National television up to end of 2008. But later eventually they gained acceptance by people especially the youth. The band members are Kayano - Lead Vocals,
Faube - Lead Guitars & Backing , Rimah – Drums and Shaan – Bass. The band has an album named “Dhirithibbas”, which was released in April 2007.