Sunday, 12th December 2010 - 6.00 pm onwards
Mrigya (Delhi)

The band whose tagline reads- “The instruments of world harmony” well that pretty much explains everything about them. . And that is what best describes this group. Founded in the late 90’s Mrigya , has been the new face of Indian contemporary music. Their strength lies in the way they experiment wildly with everything they can. They have blended Blues, funk, folk, latino, jazz and tied them all together with the strong sense of rhythm of Indian classical music.

Having performed nationally and internationally all over the world- Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia Mrigya truly signifies the coming of age of Indian fusion music.

The band members consist of Sharat , Gyan Singh , Indraneel Hariharan , Sacchin Kapoor , Karan Sharma, Rajat Kakkar along with guest members of Ghulam Qadir Niyazi, and Sukriti Sen.
Their first album has just come out – named “Composition of world harmony 2010”

Mawj- Band (Afghanistan)

Mawj- meaning a wave of pleasure is a six part pop band from Kabul, The six band members had earlier been composing music individually and then later came together as a musical group in 2002, after the war ended in Afghanistan . The band consists of Ajmal Omid –the lead vocalist, Aimal Omid -the lead guitarist, percussionist Shakir Fayzi, bassist Massood Ahmad, drummer Hamid Yazdan and keyboardist Farooq.

The band members have been making music individually for the past 15 years,but came together as a band in 2002,soon after the Taliban regime ended in their country. They had just come home after spending years in Pakistan and Iran.
They are famous for their renditions of popular Bollywood songs and also their own traditional

The band proudly proclaims that the name of their band is symbolic of the new wave of music that’s sweeping Afghanistan. The mostly play Afghan Pop , but they also dabble in Afghan Folk, jazz Blues .

Bangla (Bangadesh)

A six member group who fancies themselves as the sound of Bangladesh !! It all started with two friends meeting at Shantiniketan , and there was no looking back . Band Bangla has been the one consistent voice for contemporary music in Bangaldesh. They blend the the tune of the Ektara with a very new touch. The band consists of Anusheh, Buno, Arnob, KArtik , Jibon, and Nazrul. Band Bangla has taken the sound of Bangladesh across borders. They have reached out to audiences internationally. They have played alongside great musicians like Jonas Helborg (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Pandit Tanmoy Bose, T.H. Vikku Vinayakram (Shakti), Silva Ganesh, Bob Geldof, Bono (U2), among others. They have successfully taken out two Albums named “ Kingkortobbobimuro” and “Prottutponnomotitto” Both epoch making Albums that have had landmark success .

Band Bangla is a journey that’s continuously evolving with the creative process. And they fulfill every promise they make.

4TH Element (Shillong)

There’s a refreshing sound coming out of Shillong these days, one which has elements of Funk, Soul, RnB and Jazz, a sound which is not really heard hereabouts or in the country for that matter and the people behind this refreshing sound are called the 4th Element.

With SarahLee's soulful singing and songwriting, cool melodies, arrangements and keyboards by Ribor Mb, the band now have a host of originals in their bag and on stage they kick up a groovy storm with renowned drummer Sam Shullai, Russel Warjri on Bass and Amit Mullick on Guitars.

Mekaal Hasan Band (Pakistan)

Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) is a sufi rock band from Lahore and was formed in 2001 by lead guitarist and composer Mekaal Hasan. Their music is a blend of the melodic sensibility of the East and the harmonic sophistication of the West. The band is showcases no t just the talent of the artists form Pakistan but also abroad. This harmonic fusion of the east and west is the unique strength of MHB. They thrive this tradition with a series of live performances , studio recordings and videos that are drawing music enthusiasts in large numbers across the world. MHB is Pakistan’s most critically acclaimed act as well, winning numerous awards and nominations for it’s recordings,videos and live performances. Their debut album was released in 2004 named “Sampooran” hich was a mainstream success. They followed that up with “Saptak” in 2009.

The band members are - Mekaal Hasan – lead guitarist, Asad Abbas -lead vocalist , Mohammad Ahsan Papu – flute and Amir Azhar- Bass .

Monday, 13th December 2010 - 6.00 pm onwards
Ankur and the Ghalat Family (Mumbai)

This electrifying four piece band that has taken the term Indie-pop to whole new levels. The sound of this band varies from Urdu/Hindi Rock ‘n’ roll to easy acoustic ballads and folk rock They describe themselves as “Raw, Acoustic, Simple and Lyrical”. Ankur and the Ghalat Family is really popular on the live circuits. This band is the brain child of Ankur Tiwari who was nominated in the ‘Best Upcoming Music Director’ category at the Mirchi Music Awards 2010.

Its Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen that they name as their Influences. The Band Members are Ankur Tewari - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitars , Sidd Coutto - Drums, Backing Vocals , Pozy - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Johan – Bass.

Traphic Jam (Maldives)

Traphic Jam was formed in 2005 in male in Maldives. They are a successful rock band of Maldives. They have had many path breaking performances like the ‘Live Help’ on 2006 and ‘Sound of a Nation’ on 2007 with Zero Degree Atoll. Although they have given great hits they have maintained a relatively low profile in the mainstream arena. They have a well earned reputation as a no cover band that supports only local originals. Their genre is post alternative rock. Their influences are based in the rock bands like Nirvana; Pearl Jam. Therein was the meeting of rock with grunge music. It was this heady mix of Grungy metal riffs with aggressive vocal melodies the band got its unique signature sound.
This sound matured straight into face riffs and lyrics. As having an ideology regarding the drugs and corrupted politics as crimes, the band tries to open the minds of youth through their music
The band is known for its open minded lyrics about Peer pressure, Political Agendas and Drugs. They were banned from all live shows aired from National television up to end of 2008. But later eventually they gained acceptance by people especially the youth. The band members are Kayano - Lead Vocals,
Faube - Lead Guitars & Backing , Rimah – Drums and Shaan – Bass. The band has an album named “Dhirithibbas”, which was released in April 2007.

Funeral in Heaven (Sri Lanka)

Funeral in heaven is a black metal band from the sri lanka . Formed in early 2003, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are known as a project who through the veins of Black Metal, unleash and expose the country's ominous side of history with its decades of war and notorious chronicles regarding events of demonology and exorcisms. Known as the initiators of the genre Black Metal, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN is regarded to blend the cold dirge of Black Metal with ingredients of Sri Lankan traditional instrumentation.

The members of this band are Chathuranga Fonseka - Vocals/Lyrics/Themes, Dimuthu Fernando - Bass Guitar, Shamika Makalanda – Guitars, Kasun Navaratne – Drums, Ayesh Perera – Guitar, Joseph DeAlwis - Guitar/Compositions.

East India Company (Assam)

The East India Company is a 5 member band form Assam in India. The description on their webpage reads – A Musical Invasion . They are the frontrunners of the evolving Indian fusion electronica milieu. They try and produce a fine balance between folk and electronica. They have created a sound symbolic of a larger freedom that is being embraced today. Moving forward with the times and technology and yet being steeped in the way of tradition.

The company has Papon (vocals), Brin (electronic design/sfx), Kirti (world percussions/tabla), Dipu (bass) and Tapi(Pankaj) (guitars).

Indus Creed (Mumbai)

Indus creed is India’s premier rock band which can trace itself to the year 1984. Added to the history they also have the unique distinction of giving India its first rock and roll album- “Rock and Roll Renegade”. The band was earlier known as Rock Machine. They still retain three members of the original band. Their sound however is new, and so is the lineup they have added new electronic sound and element to their style. But they still are very much a rock band.

The band members are – Uday Benegal - Vocals + Guitars + Programming , Mahesh Tinaikar - Guitars + Vocals , Zubin Balaporia - Keyboards + Vocals, Rushad Mistry - Bass + Vocals and Jai Row Kavi - Drums + Vocals.

Tuesday, 14th December 2010 - 6.00 pm onwards
Metal Zone Oasis Band (Myanmar)

This 5 member band is from Yangon Myanmar. They are symbolic of the rock band scene in this country where it is achieving cult status. Metal Zone has had many successful singles like “12 inches”. They have also performed internationally in Bangkok, and in Japan.

The band members are Thein Zaw- lead Vocalist and Composer. Aung Zaw Latt- Lead Guitarist, Zaw Hlang Myint- Bass Guitarist, La Wawn- Keyboard Player , and Tu San- Drummer.

Tashi Tagay Cultural Group (Bhutan)

The Tashi Tagay Cultural Group was founded by Namgel Dorjee in the year 1995 with the objective of promoting music in Bhutan with a motto “ BE A MUSIC LOVER, MUSIC CAN SET YOUR LITTLE HEART” with its headquarters in Thimpu. There are ten permanent member and 6 active members in the group, and the group has performed for Centenary Celebrations in the year 2008 and have also participated in the Coronation Ceremony.
The founder member Namgel Dorjee has been trained in Classical and traditional music from the renowned Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) in Bhutan, and also 7 months training from Vishwa Bharti in Shantiniketan. He also has 6 CD’s and 32 cassettes recorded with various music companies in Bhutan.

The group and also performed for 9 days at the SAARC Summit Held at Dhaka in 1995.
The motive of the Tashi Tagay Cultural Group is to promote music and culture of Bhutan and strengthen solidarity among the youngsters and to take music to all the regions of Bhutan.

Nepathya (Nepal)

Nepathya is a popular Nepalese music band that was formed by 3 students from Pokhara, studying in Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 1990s. Nepathya is best known for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth-friendly pop and rock tune. Since its inception, Nepathya has gained consistent popularity and recognition. Nepathya’s songs also give a vivid picture of contemporary Nepal.

The moving force behind this band is Amrit Gurung , who stands out with his long hair and Gandhian Frames . The band has released 9 albums which have been well received.

Thermal and a quarter (Bangalore)

Thermal and a Quarter is a rock band based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 1996. They have earned their reputation of being focused on original compositions when the rest of the Indian pop-rock industry was just mustering up cover versions. They have also pioneered the way to using internet to spread their music and make it available for wider audiences.

They owe their name to the fact that three members of the band are hundred percent Malyali and one is one quarter Malyali – after many corruptions the present name stuck- Thermal and a Quarter

They have fought in various ways to be categorized in to a genre. Their work is as diverse as Jazz Funk to Carnatic .

Thermal and a quarter have 4 albums to its name and numerous of live performances. They have won the WorldSpace Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Indian Rock’. Also they have been voted one of the Best Indian Bands by The Hindustan Times.

Kailasa (Mumbai)

Kailasa is an Indian band, founded by Kailash Kher and brothers, Paresh and Naresh Kamath. The band's music is a fusion of classical, pop & sufi music.

The name of their debut album is also “Kailasa”. The album was a huge hit in India, rocketing into the top 10 album charts. They brought out their second album- “kailasa jhoomo re” in 2007. Their third album- “Kailasa Chandan Main” in 2009.

The band is very well known for their touch of soulful Sufi Music to their numbers. They have popularized sufi music like no other in mainstream Bollywood and popular culture.

Kailasa is an 8 member band which consists of - Kailash Kher — Lead singer, composer, Naresh Kamath — Bass guitar, Paresh Kamath — Electric guitar, Sameer Chiplunkar – Keyboardist, Kurt Peters — Drums, Sanket Naik — Rhythmist, Sankarshan Kini and Tejasvi Rao