Tashi Tagay Cultural Group (Bhutan) - December 14, 2010 - Tuesday

The Tashi Tagay Cultural Group was founded by Namgel Dorjee in the year 1995 with the objective of promoting music in Bhutan with a motto “ BE A MUSIC LOVER, MUSIC CAN SET YOUR LITTLE HEART” with its headquarters in Thimpu. There are ten permanent member and 6 active members in the group, and the group has performed for Centenary Celebrations in the year 2008 and have also participated in the Coronation Ceremony.
The founder member Namgel Dorjee has been trained in Classical and traditional music from the renowned Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) in Bhutan, and also 7 months training from Vishwa Bharti in Shantiniketan. He also has 6 CD’s and 32 cassettes recorded with various music companies in Bhutan.

The group and also performed for 9 days at the SAARC Summit Held at Dhaka in 1995.
The motive of the Tashi Tagay Cultural Group is to promote music and culture of Bhutan and strengthen solidarity among the youngsters and to take music to all the regions of Bhutan.