Mrigya (Delhi) - December 12, 2010 - Sunday

The band whose tagline reads- “The instruments of world harmony” well that pretty much explains everything about them. . And that is what best describes this group. Founded in the late 90’s Mrigya , has been the new face of Indian contemporary music. Their strength lies in the way they experiment wildly with everything they can. They have blended Blues, funk, folk, latino, jazz and tied them all together with the strong sense of rhythm of Indian classical music.

Having performed nationally and internationally all over the world- Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia Mrigya truly signifies the coming of age of Indian fusion music.

The band members consist of Sharat , Gyan Singh , Indraneel Hariharan , Sacchin Kapoor , Karan Sharma, Rajat Kakkar along with guest members of Ghulam Qadir Niyazi, and Sukriti Sen.
Their first album has just come out – named “Composition of world harmony 2010”