Mawj- Band (Afghanistan) - December 12, 2010 - Sunday

Mawj- meaning a wave of pleasure is a six part pop band from Kabul, The six band members had earlier been composing music individually and then later came together as a musical group in 2002, after the war ended in Afghanistan . The band consists of Ajmal Omid –the lead vocalist, Aimal Omid -the lead guitarist, percussionist Shakir Fayzi, bassist Massood Ahmad, drummer Hamid Yazdan and keyboardist Farooq.

The band members have been making music individually for the past 15 years,but came together as a band in 2002,soon after the Taliban regime ended in their country. They had just come home after spending years in Pakistan and Iran.
They are famous for their renditions of popular Bollywood songs and also their own traditional

The band proudly proclaims that the name of their band is symbolic of the new wave of music that’s sweeping Afghanistan. The mostly play Afghan Pop , but they also dabble in Afghan Folk, jazz Blues .