Funeral in Heaven (Sri Lanka) - December 13, 2010 - Monday

Funeral in heaven is a black metal band from the sri lanka . Formed in early 2003, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are known as a project who through the veins of Black Metal, unleash and expose the country's ominous side of history with its decades of war and notorious chronicles regarding events of demonology and exorcisms. Known as the initiators of the genre Black Metal, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN is regarded to blend the cold dirge of Black Metal with ingredients of Sri Lankan traditional instrumentation.

The members of this band are Chathuranga Fonseka - Vocals/Lyrics/Themes, Dimuthu Fernando - Bass Guitar, Shamika Makalanda – Guitars, Kasun Navaratne – Drums, Ayesh Perera – Guitar, Joseph DeAlwis - Guitar/Compositions.