Ankur and the Ghalat Family (Mumbai) - December 13, 2010 - Monday

This electrifying four piece band that has taken the term Indie-pop to whole new levels. The sound of this band varies from Urdu/Hindi Rock ‘n’ roll to easy acoustic ballads and folk rock They describe themselves as “Raw, Acoustic, Simple and Lyrical”. Ankur and the Ghalat Family is really popular on the live circuits. This band is the brain child of Ankur Tiwari who was nominated in the ‘Best Upcoming Music Director’ category at the Mirchi Music Awards 2010.

Its Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen that they name as their Influences. The Band Members are Ankur Tewari - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitars , Sidd Coutto - Drums, Backing Vocals , Pozy - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Johan – Bass.