Paranoid Earthling (Sri Lanka) - December 12, 2009

Since their launch in 2001 Paranoid Earthling has become one of the biggest bands in the Sri Lankan Rock music industry. With no line-up change to-date, their energetic and charismatic live performances have always shocked crowds from all over Sri Lanka. Through the bands constant presence and awareness on the their Myspace page as well as other local and international forums on the World Wide Web, Paranoid Earthling has reached many and their music has spread across the globe. Their music has influenced the rebellious youth of Sri Lanka and created a new sub culture amongst music lovers from young teenagers through 20 to 30 year olds and above. Paranoid Earthling’s passionate songwriting and instant accessibility has made them a very unique package. Their Grunge sound is often imitated but always unmatched and their fervent cravings to flirt with Hard Rock, Punk, Psychedelic, Blues, Groove and Industrial landscapes have contributed to their flamboyant palette and dynamic sound. Paranoid Earthling’s credibility to perform diverse versions of classic and contemporary Rock ‘n Roll covers have placed the Band as a hot pick for concerts in India and Sri Lanka. Paranoid Earthling was a core member of the pioneering, non-profit organization Rock Company and they were featured on the “Rock Company” Compilations 1 and 2.