Afflatus (Shillong) - December 11, 2009

Afflatus is all-girls band from Shillong. They began their “inspirational journey” in 2004, a journey that has had its share of hurdles, obstacles and constraints though the band never lose sight of the one thread, one passion, one love that binds them together…the love of creating MUSIC. They became the second runner’s up in the Mtv Campus Rock Idol national finals. This all-girls, 4-member band consists of Mercy on the drums, Karen on the guitar, Sharon on the bass, and Grace as the vocalist. Afflatus is currently working on their first album, keeping their hopes and dreams alive!
Kabul Dreams (Afghanistan) - December 11, 2009

Kabul Dreams the only Indie Rock n Roll band in Afghanistan was formed in late 2008. It is a three piece meaning it only has three members and the instruments used are electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. Kabul Dreams songs are all in English and since the band has been formed, we have played a few gigs in Kabul for a comination of national and international audience. The band members have formerly played in other Afghan bands playing a more oriental genre in Afghanistan and have returned to Afghanistan from abroad where they had taken refuge during the years of war.

Nagarbaul & James (Bangladesh) - December 11, 2009

Raghu Dixit Project (Bangalore) - December 11, 2009

The Raghu Dixit Project, founded by Raghupathy Dixit, is an open
house for musicians and artistes from different genres to come together, collaborate and create a dynamic sound and expression. Though a gold medalist in Masters in Microbiology and a proficient Indian Classical Dancer (Vidwat in Bharatanatyam), Raghu Dixit is now known more as a self-taught guitarist-singer-composer-song writer-musician, based in
Bangalore. Raghu has performed more than 300 concerts all over India and abroad. He launched his debut album through the
Bombay based record labels Vishal & Shekhar Music in association with Counter Culture Records. Raghu's music is a seamless amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and styles from different parts of the world. His lyrics though intense, are simple and speak about every common man's emotions and experiences, therefore, making his songs extremely popular among his fans. Inserting Indian ethnic folk, Sufi and classical phrases cleverly into his songs, Raghu’s singing style can be described as unique at best. Raghu has also produced music for contemporary dance and theatre productions.
Strings (Pakistan) - December 11, 2009

The sensational Pakistani band Strings, proclaimed the emergence of a new wave of Pakistani pop music with the release of their album Duur in 2001 and then Dhaani (2004) which is greatly influenced by Indian classical music, Bollywood hits and western rhythms. With increased emphasis on Eastern melodies involving the touch of raga in the vocals, they use instruments like flute and sarangi to give the vocals an Eastern touch. Merging music and cricket during the last Indian cricket team’s tour of Pakistan and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 they came up with everlasting tracks celebrating Indian cricket and emerging friendly ties between India and Pakistan.
Half Step Down (Delhi) - December 12, 2009

Half Step Down is a blues-rock band with influences ranging from Cream, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews. The band has always maintained that having fun while playing music is of utmost importance and continues to do so. The nomenclature of the band is derived from the fact that the band tunes its guitars on which is half step down from standard tuning pitch. Their songs are about everyday experiences ranging from what they feel about maintaining peace to how tough it is to write a good song. They are in the process of recording their debut album presently.
Half Step Down rose from the ashes of a college band, when Dhaval and Rudy decided that they wanted to continue playing music. They started their search for like-minded musicians and soon Jishnu and Srijan joined in on guitars and drums. Recently, Rohanhas joined on rhythm and backing vocals. Shiv’s entry on Keys has completed theirsound. Each member of the band brings to the music his varied influences which come
together to make the music of Half Step Down
Fa’thu & The Early Birds (Maldives) - December 12, 2009

Fa’thu personifies the current music scene in the Maldives, as an aspiring, precocious, but most of all, original artist. While it had
once been known for its standard covers and the odd decent original composition, music in Maldives today is much more
dynamic, reflective, and also creative.
Drawing on various influences such as rock, blues and folk, Fa’thu’s original compositions have been well received, and
marks a new era in Maldivian music, based very much on originality. Her debut album is currently in production.
Paranoid Earthling (Sri Lanka) - December 12, 2009

Since their launch in 2001 Paranoid Earthling has become one of the biggest bands in the Sri Lankan Rock music industry. With no line-up change to-date, their energetic and charismatic live performances have always shocked crowds from all over Sri Lanka. Through the bands constant presence and awareness on the their Myspace page as well as other local and international forums on the World Wide Web, Paranoid Earthling has reached many and their music has spread across the globe. Their music has influenced the rebellious youth of Sri Lanka and created a new sub culture amongst music lovers from young teenagers through 20 to 30 year olds and above. Paranoid Earthling’s passionate songwriting and instant accessibility has made them a very unique package. Their Grunge sound is often imitated but always unmatched and their fervent cravings to flirt with Hard Rock, Punk, Psychedelic, Blues, Groove and Industrial landscapes have contributed to their flamboyant palette and dynamic sound. Paranoid Earthling’s credibility to perform diverse versions of classic and contemporary Rock ‘n Roll covers have placed the Band as a hot pick for concerts in India and Sri Lanka. Paranoid Earthling was a core member of the pioneering, non-profit organization Rock Company and they were featured on the “Rock Company” Compilations 1 and 2.
Faridkot (Delhi) - December 12, 2009

We call it Confused Pop. Why “Confused”? We hope someone can help us solve that riddle soon. But we’ll help you out with what we’ve got till now…the confusion mostly comes in once you hear a mix of pop vocals, bluesy guitar playing, funk bass lines, melodic(and sometimes pompous) electronic layers flavored with a pinch of jazz-based drums all combined together in a heap of musical endeavours that we like to call our own. Sometimes in love, sometimes trying to be funny and a little more loving (we’re a bit unlucky in that sphere); we just like to play some good music which might transcend the individual inspirations that each musician brings
Faridkot consists of Inderpreet singh on vocals, Rajarshri Sanyal on guitar, Gavin Pacheco on bass, Akshay Raheja on keyboards, and Reuben Narain on drums.
Pentagram (Mumbai) - December 12, 2009

PENTAGRAM started a movement when they came together in 1994. They played original music, and played it with a conviction and an effect never seen before in India. Shape-shifting from alt-rock, to electro-rock around 1999, they have been pioneers in creating mindspace for a new urban Indian sound. Pentagram is India's best-known band, by far, and has been invited to major global music festivals, such as Glastonbury (they were the first Indian band to play there in 2005), the Sundance Music Festival (they headlined this festival in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2004), and have just returned from a massive showing at the One Movement Festival (Perth, Australia, 2009). Having received rave reviews in Perth, they have been invited back to do a full tour of Australia in January-February 2010, another first for an Indian band. Pentagram has put out three immensely successful albums, the last of which was the 2007s "It's Ok, It's All Good", which featured the smash single "Voice". They are currently writing their 4th album, due March 2010. Alongside all this, Pentagram remain an unparallelled live concert experience. Pentagram is a four-member band consisting of Randolph on guitars, Vishal on vocals, Papal on bass and Shiraz on drums.
Emperor (Myanmar) - December 13, 2009

Who's Your Daddy (Bhutan) - December 13, 2009

1974AD (Nepal) - December 13, 2009

Avial (Trivandrum) - December 13, 2009

True to their name, Avial (a Malayalam mixed-vegetable delicacy) blending Malayalam poetry with contemporary alternative rock music. With elements of indie rock and folk music underlying an electronic feel. Avial’s music has overcome language barriers not only in India but is also drawing fans across the sub-continent. It has an increasing fan following, with a revolutionary approach in today’s contemporary music scene in India. In search of something more intrinsic, with a sense of belonging, Avial discovered and articulated the expression in their own mother tongue, dared to express their music with their self-titled debut album. Fetching a great name for them selves, Avial is one of the most sought after Indian bands today, transcending genres, justifying the term “Alternative Malayalam Rock”.
Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy (Mumbai) - December 13, 2009

Each member of the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy bring their own unique talents and experiences to the group, combining the Carnatic and Classical Indian vocal tradition, Western Rock and a deep understanding of fusion including a virtual mastery over the Electronic Synthesizer. Combining a deep knowledge of Hindustani (North Indian) or Carnatic (South Indian) classical music and technical expertise as composers and orchestral arrangers, they probably represent the first 'trio' of music composers to entertain Bollywood audiences with their chart-topping music. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have won and continue to win critical and commercial acclaim and several awards from the Bollywood Press and Magazines, TV Channels and a National Film Award (Kal Ho Naa Ho, 2003). Their success owes to several contributing factors, among which are the adoption of interesting musical instruments and sounds as part of their orchestral palette, introduction of new voices weaned on immensely popular TV Musical Talent shows and an obsession for the perfect 'feel' for the movie scene necessitating the segue into a song sequence.